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+++ Juma Tutu released new song 'Makande' +++
My Releases

So far, I have released one studio album - Kimombasa and one live album - Ukweli Ulivyo.

Kimombasa contains nine songs:

  1. Undugu

    This is a song that encourages good relations between people. It encourages togetherness.
  2. Yule yule

    This song is about the discovery of a man in the village who is believed to be the cause of all the misfortunes in the community.
  3. Rafiki

    This song is meant to encourage friendship under all circumstances - whether you are blessed with money or not.
  4. Kudengereka

    This are instrumentals that bring out the wandering concept.
  5. Kimombasa

    This is the title of my album. It basically is a song that desribes the people of Mombasa. The people have a different approach to different circumstances as compared to therest of the country.
  6. Tahadhari

    This is a song that is cautioning people about the AIDS pandemic.
  7. Alongozi

    A song to remind our leaders to remember their people always and not only during election campaigns.
  8. Nakupenda kama sukari

    I describe this song as the opium of the masses. It is usually the favourite of everyone in shows I perform. It is a song that describes my love for a lady inspite of the fact that I have nothing to offer her other than love compared to other men who are offering her all the riches of the world.
  9. Christopher na betty

    I did this song for a couple for their wedding. It is meant to encourage the couples to face the world as it is and not think that it is a bed of roses. Also the song is meant to strengthen the family of the bride as they are set to hand over a member of their family to the other family.

Ukweli Ulivyo, the latest release, is a live recording at a concert and is a pilot project of the forthcoming album.
The song '
Lazaro' is the first single from the album.