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+++ Juma Tutu released new song 'Makande' +++
Juma Tutu going big - (Unwind April 7 - April 13, 2006)

The Afro fusion musician Juma Tutu has constantly been referred to by his fans as 'The Kenyan Fela Kuti'. When he sings, Kenyans applaud - they are proud to hear a different kind of music with a mixture of everything African fused, jazzy and in Swahili. His single Sukari has caused the biggest stir so for. His very first conceit on February 17 this year saw music lovers come to discover this coast-influenced Afro-jazzy fusion. He defined who he is and what he is about. He is planning to have Big Ted - the acclaimed event master as his events manager. "After my show in February, I am sure there are people who loved what I have and will be looking for me, so I am going big," he uttered during lost Friday's Coast Night.